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Why Genetidyne?

Well, we trust Genetidyne for the following reasons.

  • Customer First – The very reason Genetidyne was founded was to provide customers with a workout supplement brand that cares. Whether you are an expert bodybuilder or just getting started on your health, Genetidyne is here to help you.

  • Trustworthy – Genetidyne has finally created a protein supplement that you can trust. All of the products at Genetidyne are always 100% true to the label.

  • High Quality – Genetidyne only uses the highest concentrate and highest quality ingredients/recipes for our workout supplements. That is why Genetidyne has some of the best protein supplements on the market.

  • Informative – Genetidyne does not just try to sell you supplements; we are committed to ensuring our customers understand what they are purchasing, so they can get maximum results.

Genetidyne is a local brand created, formulated and manufactured in Belleville, IL by Billy Haskins. Genetidyne has been committed to creating some of the greatest products on the market using nothing but the highest quality ingredients and formulations. Most importantly, Genetidyne’s best protein supplements are 100% true to the label, so you always know what you are getting.

You can purchase Genetidyne products at the gym during our staffed hours. 

Buy your Genetidyne Supplements online via the member log in or app  and pick them up in the gym during staffed hours!

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