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Meet The Team

About Kyle Brunsmann

Sports Science and Rehabilitation Specialist / Sports Therapist

Kyle has long been fascinated by the human body and what it is capable of.  He started down this path due to his own personal experiences with knee and ankle injuries suffered during college. Through these experiences his passion grew for human movement and biomechanics, and how it relates to injuries and chronic pain conditions.

He received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2011, and began working as a personal trainer. In 2015 he furthered his understanding of human mechanics by receiving his master’s degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation from Logan University. He began working for a short time in an outpatient physical therapy clinic as well, where he assisted patients during rehab, and developed and implemented post physical therapy programs.

In 2018 he became a licensed Massage Therapist with a certificate in Myofascial Release Therapy - both through The Body Therapy Center School of Massage - and started KINETIC. Kyle’s unique educational background and work history make him a very well rounded health professional ready to help a wide variety of clientele. Kyle is a former high school and collegiate athlete, and an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan. In his free time he enjoys being active through sports and fitness, experiencing music, and spending time with family and friends.

About Tim Reiher

Performance Coach

Tim has always had a passion for helping others reach their goals. His interest in exercise began at an early age, when he was topping the scale at 260 pounds.  A lifestyle change was needed to escape the bullying and name calling, as well as improve his mental health.  He lost a total of 85 pounds in the following months - giving him more energy, strength, and confidence. His interest in training grew into a passion, however, as a high school baseball player, where strength and conditioning classes played a big role in his success.

Tim’s interest in exercise resulted in a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Exercise & Sport Psychology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He then became certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist where he has gained multiple years of experience. His experience includes clients across a 10-80 age range, college level, high school level, and commercial gym settings.

As a Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Tim wants to help any type of individual create a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Whether you want to improve your performance for a specific sport, just want to look and feel better, or need help keeping up with your grandkids, he can develop a plan to make your goals a reality.

KINETIC Fitness and Performance is gym that's 

locally owned in Fairview Heights and is open  24 hours 

We revolve around movement quality, and focus our services on performance, longevity, and injury prevention. We believe this concept and approach can create improvements for anyone - in any capacity. We specialize in General and Elite Personal Training, Athletic and Speed Development, Sports and Massage Therapy, and Functional Rehabilitation. We also offer tools for recovery, truly making us a one stop shop for whatever the body needs

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